Thursday, July 19, 2012

Homemade Nutella

If you are like me, you have kids that love Nutella. If I have to hear one more time that nutella is healthy for you, I am going to lose my mind.  Let me fill you in on it, in case you don't already know. In 2 Tablespoons of Nutella there is 200 calories, 11 grams of Fat, 21 grams of Sugar and only 3 grams of protein. IT IS A DESSERT! The very first ingredient in it is Sugar. So as long as you treat Nutella as a treat, then that is fine. Here is an easy recipe to make it at home, where the first ingredient isn't sugar. But it is still a dessert. It is more affordable to make it at home.   I like to dip banana in it for dessert. Taylor likes to eat hers on cloud bread. This recipe makes 3 jars. 

Gluten-Free Homemade Nutella 
adapted from Oh Nuts
3 cups roasted unsalted hazelnuts
2 cans sweetened condensed milk
1 cup bittersweet chocolate (70% or more dark), chopped.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
Place your nuts in a baking dish or sheet and bake for 12 minutes, stirring every 4 minutes to prevent them from burning. Set aside to cool.
Add the cooled, toasted hazelnuts to the processor bowl.

After about 5 minutes, your hazelnuts should be processed into a liquid. Scrape down the sides and the blade and process until there are no lumps remaining. Set the hazelnuts aside while you prepare the chocolate portion of the recipe.

The chocolate will need to be melted, so you can either use a microwave-safe bowl, or use the double boiler method on the stovetop. Whichever you choose, combine the chopped chocolate and condensed milk, in a bowl.

If you're using a double boiler, put the bowl on a pan of simmering water on the stovetop, and heat it, stirring frequently, until the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth. If you're using the microwave, be sure to stir the mix after every 30 seconds to prevent overheating, and stop once everything is melted together.

Add the warm chocolate mix to the bowl of the food processor that contains the liquefied hazelnuts. 

Process the mix for 1-2 minutes more, and Tada! Nutella made from scratch! Store in mason jars. 

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  1. Love this! And you're so right about it being a dessert. I gained 5 pounds on it. I can't even keep it in the house anymore! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My kids love this, I always find the empty jar in my teenage daughters room with a spoon in it...makes me so mad.

  3. You know what.. I was a sucker for the commercial making me think it was a good breakfast option. Now I know better. I can't believe you made your own... I bet is even better than the jarred stuff. :)


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