Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gluten-Free is easy E-Book!

Today is a happy day!!!
The e-book version of my cookbook is released and ready for purchase!
You can buy the book HERE!

Do you have any last minute Christmas shopping to do?
Know someone who is gluten-free or Celiac? 

Gluten-Free is easy is more than just a cookbook!
Please help us get the word out!
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Below you will find out just how beneficial this book is. 

  • Includes over 150 Easy recipes by "Mom, What's for Dinner?" blogger Christi Silbaugh
  • Shows you how to eat gluten-free by eating foods you love
  • Shares helpful tools that will have you eating gluten-free fast
  • Lists our favorite products and gluten-friendly websites
  • Answers common questions about how to eat gluten-free
  • Perfect for gluten-free dieters at any stage of the journey!

Let me introduce you to the book!  We have included several fabulous features that make this a must-have for all gluten-free eaters.
Our cookbook is for cooking!  We've made it landscape format so that the pages will stay open while you cook.
Gluten free is Easy cover page

Each recipe is easy to make and easy to read.  We've included extras like gluten-free products suggestions, full color photos, and tips for living gluten-free.
Gluten free is Easy recipe page

You'll also find great resources that you can reference like... Helpful Websites where you can find recipe blogs and places to purchase gluten-free products.  Our Favorite Products section contains a comprehensive list of the gluten-free products we love and use.  The Getting Started Shopping lists and Substitution Solutions to help you adapt to new cooking challenges.
Gluten free is Easy contents page
The hardcopy will be available Spring 2013 but the E-Book is available NOW!
Buy yours HERE!
We need your help to spread the word! 

If you could share on facebook,
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 and  on pinterest it would help so much!

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