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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Curious Chef Giveaway

Today I have an extra special giveaway that is close to my heart. As you all know, I love cooking and baking. It is something I want kids to have the opportunity to do. Kids love to be just like Mommy and Daddy and this kit really is the perfect thing to spark the interest in cooking at a young age. So today I am hosting a giveaway for Curious Chef. Cooking projects are a great way to feed children’s curiosity and their natural desire to explore the world—hands-on!

Now you can make moments in the kitchen even more fun with colorful utensils designed for kids to use safely and easily. Best of all, these are genuine, high quality tools that any budding chef can feel proud of.
I am so happy to be hosting this giveaway for a product I believe in so much!
Winner for the giveaway will receive one Curious Chef Foundation Set 27 pieces!

Oven mitts, Cookie cutters, spatulas, rolling pin, whisk, measuring cups, measuring spoons, mixing bowl, mixing spoon, timer, apron and hat. Everything your kids enjoy their own journey of cooking, discovery, and fun.
If you don't want to enter the giveaway, go get your own kit at http://www.curiouschef.com/


  1. When I was little, I had a mini apron that my grandmother made, as well as my own utensils to "help" in the kitchen with. This version is definitely snazzier than mine was, I hope I can share it with little hands in my own kitchen :)

  2. I love cooking with my kids (6, 3, and 7 months)! It teaches them math, sharing, science, healthy eating, and a greater understanding of how much work it is to put a meal on the table. I find the kids will eat almost anything if they help shop for, prepare and serve it!

  3. I love cooking with my kids! With three dairy and gluten-free kids, we spend a LOT of time in the kitchen together! Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Just baked GF cookies with my almost 11 mth old today! Would love this set to encourage her to join me in the kitchen more next year!

  5. I would love to win something like this for my little cousin! She loves to come over here and cook with me!

  6. Dd uses oven mitts that are wayyyyy too big to help me cook now....she would love this set!

  7. My flower girl would love this!


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