Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Recipe HERE.
Another year has come and gone. I look back at this past year and think of all the exciting growth that has happened with my blog. Thank you all so much for supporting me by coming and reading and asking me questions about cooking. You all make my life so much brighter! I look back to a year ago when I sold my company and wanted to semi-retire and just focus on what I love doing... cooking, baking, writing, sailing, travelling.  I have to say this year was a major success! With over 430 posts this year to this blog, over 4,000 followers on pinterest, nearing 2,000 followers on facebook. I am calling this blog a big success for 2012! 
me and my hubby at dinner en blanc
I had a few setbacks. One of them being diagnosed with Phyto-Photo-Dermatitis. Which to  sum that up for you... I am allergic to limes, lemons, and anything acidic. I just have to wear gloves when I work with them or this happens:
Glad to have that painful experience over!

One of the best accomplishments of 2012; Becoming an official published author! For those of you that missed it. You can now buy my cookbook; "Gluten-Free is Easy". It is available at amazon and barnes and noble in e-book formats, and will be in print in May of 2013. Get it here:
2013 will be a big year for us, because we moved to a loft downtown. 
We are now officially empty nester's. I will be missing my daily hikes with my daughter and fuzz butts.
 Don't you worry though. My daughter and I have many a cookin' day planned and I will keep updating you with great gluten-free recipes. I am also cooking for my husband and writing for Gourmet Cooking For Two. Feel free to follow: It is a romantic blog about cooking for just 2 people and how to keep the romance alive. I am having fun with it! 
I am thinking about starting just a blog about Christi in the city, that will just be me randomly taking pictures like I usually do. I have not ever lived in the city before. I come from a very small town in Oregon, so this is going to be quite the culture shock, but in a good way! It is something I have wanted for a while, but as you all know, you put your dreams on hold for your kids. Now it is time for them to go live theirs and for me to live mine. We will still live close and I will see them all the time, so it is not as scary as it sounds! 

So I am going to leave you with one of my favorite quotes: "Don't listen to the nay-sayers. They are the ones that let all the negatives keep them from living their dream... Don't you dare let them prevent you from living yours."

What is your dream? Spend 2013 making your dream happen! 
Happy New Year!!!


  1. I am so excited for your new move. Can't wait to see what you make for us in 2013. These cookies are adorable. Your doggies are too cute!! Have a blast in 2013! hugs, Ramona

  2. I realized after this that I did live in Seattle for 8 months my freshman year of college, and that is the city. So I have lived in it before. I don't think it counts because I was so broke I never did anything but college class, work, and sleep. I honestly never left my studio other than that. I never ate out, never did anything.


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