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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gluten Free Drunken Cheese Bread

Bring on the Drunken Gluten Free Cheese Bread.
3 ingredients, 10 minutes and it is yours!
There is no other way to say this other than... today sucked. Sorry if that shocks anyone. I could go on and on and explain this or that, but really it all boils down to just a sucky day. It is ok. We all have them. Truth is I am greatly affected by the way my kids feel, and today my daughter felt crappy. We have had such a great long run without my daughter having any gluten meltdowns, but today that run came to an end. Sorry for those of you that don't understand the way gluten affects the brain. For those that do, you will understand how this is. We don't know what, how, where, but she got infected. We think it may have been some sauce she had on her sushi... and no it wasn't eel or soy.  How do we know it was gluten? The usual ...rash, fainting, lethargic, bloated, bowel problems and mental breakdowns...lots of crying and trouble breathing. Well, those were the 8 things that went on today anyway. It is to the point now, that she has agreed to not eat outside the home anymore. Meaning if she is away from home, she will pack food from home. It just is not worth it. She is so careful and tells people about her disease, but lets be honest. Most people just don't get it. That is ok. So many people live with so many different illnesses and I am not looking for a pity party, or comparing who has it worse. But let me tell you, her allergy SUCKS! Waitresses and a lot of times even chefs just don't get it. They are not there to see the after affects, and until they "get it" they will never be as careful as they need to be. Cross contamination for a Celiac can be deadly. End of story. I feel bad for her. I feel bad for all of you that struggle with food allergies. So yeah... add that up with a gazillion other things that just didn't go my way and it was just a bad day. Done. Bring on tomorrow. A wise person once said: "True test of character is shown by not by how you handle the good days, but how you handle the bad days". So all in all I made it through today without yelling, arguing, crying or so on. Maybe my daughter wasn't so lucky do to things beyond her control, but I hope the hugs and love I gave her will get her through to tomorrow. Learn how to pick yourself up and start over. I want to thank my facebook followers that told me aloe juice helps.  I did not know that. I was also told betonite clay works. I am going to order some from livingclay.com. One of my readers Nikki told me it will essentially create a positively-charged mass, which draws in other particles that are toxic out of her system. Hey, at this point I will try anything!
So to cheer Taylor up, and help her start over, I made her what we call Drunken Cheese Bread. It got that name from the past, nights of karaoke and cocktails and the cheese bread was a staple. None of that fun stuff was going on here tonight.  I have been making this easy cheese bread for years. Since I was in high school to be exact. I made it through the years for friends, and eventually my husband and children. I think back to when I made it regular full of gluten and I was poisoning my daughter without knowing it. Now with all the great new products out there, I am able to make it for her again, tasting the same, and gluten free! 
Now here is my disclaimer... this bread is not low fat, fat free, or low calorie. So I don't need emails telling me the calorie count. This is pure comfort food. Well worth it when you are just needing a splurge. You can diet tomorrow. =)
With just 3 ingredients you have yummy cheese bread that is gluten free.
 What do you need? 
1 can kraft old english spread
1 cube of room temperature butter

Mix together the cube of butter with all the old english spread. Mix until smooth and creamy. 
Spread evenly over all the hotdog buns.

 Broil on high for 4-5 minutes.
Serve immediatly!!
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