Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strawberry Orange Banana Protein Smoothie

A staple in this house is  Designer Whey  Protein Powder. I wonder if they know that? I should email them and let them know how much we appreciate their products. All of their whey protein powders are gluten free. This really helps, especially when Taylor is running late and needs some fuel to get through her day. It is something easy she can make, even though she always asks me to do it for her. She loves all of the flavors. This is one common way I make it for her. The powder is good by itself, but adding fresh fruit to it just makes it taste like a dessert, yet it fills her body with the nutrients she needs to get to the next meal. On it's own the powder is only 100 calories. This one is more since I add juice and fruit, but that is ok, especially if you have to use it as a meal replacement like Taylor does a lot of the time. Here is a quick simple recipe. Enjoy!
Strawberry Orange Banana Protein Smoothie
1/2 cup orange juice
1/4 cup water
6-8 Large Ice Cubes
4 Strawberries, Stems Removed
One Banana
1 Scoop Strawberry Designer Whey

Slice up the Strawberries and Banana. Add All ingredients to your blender and blend until mixed well. My  blender has a smoothie button which is nice!
Pour into a glass and serve. 

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