Monday, November 26, 2012

Cute Thanksgiving Veggie Platter

Today I have a great giveaway to share with you. First I want to show you the cute veggie platter I had out for everyone to munch on while I prepared my Thanksgiving feast. This cute Thanksgiving Veggie Platter
idea was adapted from Formula Mom. All you need is a bunch of veggies and a good knife. 
The folks at Kuhn Rikon have this great Colari Art Chef's Knife and Pairing Knife set. 

These knives easily do the trick. Made from Japanese high carbon stainless steel. Blades stay sharp, nonstick coating ensures food will release easily from blades.It comes with a matching sheath that protects the blades and you when not in use. Find out more about Kuhn Rikon on Facebook and get yours today! 


  1. Now that is simply adorable. I would not even have the artistic ability to do such a cute turkey.... take a bow. Fantastic job. :)

  2. Re-Pinned on pinterest

  3. Liked Kuhn Rikon on Facebook. I have a small set of theirs, a small pairing knife and a small serrated knife, they are awesome. Also, Re-tweeted, Shared (FB), and Re-Pinned the Giveaway. Thanks for all of the opportunites.


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