Friday, November 16, 2012


I was recently blessed to receive a box of POPCORNERS. Have you heard of them? If you enjoy popped corn and you enjoy chips, boy is this the treat for you. I was intrigued to have a new gluten-free grab and go product to give to my daughter. Especially one that is all natural, gluten-free, with zero grams of trans fat. They come in lunch sized bags too! At 120-140 calories per serving. They are a nice snack or side for a sack lunch. As all of you gluten-free people know, it is a big challenge to eat on the go at all. It usually leads to cross contamination, which leads to sickness on so many levels.
With flavors like: Butter, White Cheddar, Kettle, Cheesy Jalapeno, Sea Salt, and Caramel... There is something for everyone.
The New Shape of Popcorn - Our six flavors

Even though I was given this product to try, my opinion of this product is my own. I love these chips. I love that I can send them with my daughter to work, or I can just add them as a nice treat to her lunch. Today I made her a hummus Vegetarian pizza, apples, and some POPCORNERS.
Go out and get some and tell me what you think. I think you won't bother buying popcorn again.
Don't know where to buy them? No problem! They have a store locator on their site. Go HERE to find them in a store near you!


  1. I am totally addicted to these. I like the caramel and kettle.

  2. Me too! My husband and I ate a whole bag of Caramel the other night. So good!


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