Tuesday, November 20, 2012

San Diego Food and Wine Grand Tasting

This event was off the hook! Not only was the weather outstanding, but the food and wine served was amazing. The crowd started arriving just before 11am for the early entry passes. Fabulous wine glasses were given to everyone entering the event. 
The wine and food was limitless. Even if you think you can, there is no way you can possibly see and taste everything that is offered at this spectacular venue. 
The food ... I will be dreaming about the food for years to come. There is something for everyone!
The wine was amazing too!
With over 700 different types of wine to try, there is something for all drinkers. From light whites, to deep dark reds.
There were pleny of Celebrity Chefs, Sommelier's, and Mixologists. Some were doing cooking demonstrations, others were signing cookbooks. Some were just there to eat and drink with us. We all had the opportunity to vote for the chef of the fest. 
Plenty of mixed drinks being poured too!
People laughed, Danced, and just relaxed on this beautiful day on the bay!
After 4 hours of playing, there was plenty of water for everyone on the way out. 
I had fun relaxing by the bay drinking my ice cold water before the walk home. 
This event is not to be missed. It surpassed any event I have ever been to, by leaps and bounds. 
I am so eager for the 10th anniversary of this event next year. Bookmark their site and be sure to get your tickets early!  I hope to see you all there!

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