Friday, May 4, 2012

Crockpot Lemon Chicken Rice Soup

I am trying to get ready for the Summer. That usually means cracking down on what I eat and spending more time exercising. Thank the Lord I live where I do and the gym does not have to enter this scenario. I can walk outside, jog, hike, paddle board, boogey board, bike ride, attempt to surf, dance, and so forth. I do have to watch what I eat a lot more this time of year, so I tend to eat a lot of broth heavy soups. This soup is a great way to serve your family a warm wholesome meal, with out a lot of work and few calories. I need to make this again and freeze it for when I am sick. I recently had the flu and had to choke down a canned soup. I don't wish to have to do that again any time soon. 
Crockpot Lemon Rosemary andThyme Chicken and Rice Soup

adapted from

9 cups water

3 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

2 teaspoons olive oil
1 TBSP fresh minced ginger

1 cup carrots, chopped

1 cup sweet onions, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 garlic cloves, minced
one sprig of fresh thyme
one sprig of fresh rosemary

2 lbs chicken breasts

2 1/2 teaspoons lemon peel, grated
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
8 ounces rice, uncooked
Add water, salt, pepper, olive oil, ginger, carrot, onion, celery, garlic, thyme, rosemary, lemon peel, lemon juice, and chicken to a crockpot.
Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours.
30 minutes before serving add uncooked rice to crockpot.
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  1. I LOVE soup; so making this recipe!

  2. Great idea to make this ahead of time. Nothing worse than canned soup when you're not feeling well.

  3. Lovely and comforting soup. I need to get off my butt and get exercising too. :)


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