Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day is Sunday!
My daughter said the other day: "isn't mother's day a day a mom is supposed to spend the whole day with her kids?" My response: "It is a day for the Mom to do whatever she wants, if it is be with the kids, then great, If it is to stay in her jammies and do nothing, then great. It is all about MOM!" For me I just want a day off. No chores, No cooking or cleaning, a walk on the beach or bike ride with my chihuahua's would be the perfect day for me! I am not one that enjoys going out to eat much. I prefer to eat in my own sanctuary, with my own ingredients. Some Mom's prefer to go out, but for those that want to stay home and not have to be the one cooking...I thought I would do a quick recipe round up to help you all treat your mom like a queen on Mother's day. 


Gluten Free Latkes 
   Sweet Onion Egg Sandwiches
Gluten Free German Pancakes
Good Morning Frittata
Red Velvet Pancakes   
Quick Easy Hashbrowns

Deviled Eggs
Gluten Free Cinnabon Pancakes 

  Have fun pampering your Mom's!
I was nominated for the top 25 Circle of Mom's food Blogs. If you have a chance and want to vote, that would be great! You can vote once per day!

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  1. I kind of love spending Mother's Day with my kids - provided I get to sleep in first! But a little pampering never hurts either!

  2. What spectacular brunch ideas!! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! I going to go vote for you now. :)


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