Friday, October 14, 2011

Gluten Free Grilled Cheese

Time for your daily quick gluten free lunch tip. I am sure everyone knows how to make a grilled cheese. Not too hard. But somehow ever since my daughters diagnosis, she doesn't think she can make anything quick. It is the constant "there isn't anything to eat" drama that I get from her. Enter light brown rice loaf from EnerG.

This bread is perfect for any grilled sandwich. So today when Taylor hit me with there is nothing to eat. I said. "Make a grilled cheese". I had the cheese slices ready. Once again she got excited and said "YES!"


That is all you need. Butter your bread. Put cheese slices on the top of the bread on the opposite sides of the buttered sides.
Put on a grill or pan heated to about 375 degrees.

Cook on each side until it is golden brown.

Took her about 6 minutes and she made it herself. =)

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